Signature Cassette Printer Logo Printing cassettes on-demand reduces errors and increases efficiency.
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Signature® Cassette Printer - Manual Feed (SCP-M) Primera's Signature Cassette Printer can significantly increase the efficiency of your lab while helping to reduce the risk of misidentification of specimens. You can print text, graphics and logos along with linear and 2D bar codes directly onto the face of cassettes, making your workflow more efficient while increasing patient safety.
Labs can first purchase a manual printer and later upgrade that printer with robotics to make it a completely automated system. The small size of SCP-M allows labs to place a direct-to-cassette printer at each grossing station.
Signature Cassette Printer Manual
Key Features and Benefits:
  • On-demand, full-colour or black printing text, graphics, linear and 2D Barcodes
  • Reduce inventory hassle of various coloured cassettes by using just a white cassette and print with color
  • Print speeds at up to 10 cassettes per minute
  • Prints on standard cassettes with 35° to 45° angles with either lid on or lid off, no adjustments needed
  • Does not require proprietary cassettes
  • Virtually silent while printing
  • No smell or smoke and no venting needed
  • Chemical and UV resistant print to withstand processes, commonly used in laboratories. Even after several years cassettes can be reliably identified
  • Free PTLab Software – template-driven software for your individual design and data workflow and configurable data stream connection to LIS systems
  • USB Interface for easy direct connection to Windows based PC´s and Tablets
  • Environment friendly lowest energy consumption in the market and recyclable non hazard materials
  • Two years warranty (after product registration within 6 months)
Shuttle all-in-one-PC with PTLab - Cassette Printing Software
Optional PTLab™ Software PTLab Software was designed by Primera specifically for use with the Signature Cassette Printer. It can be installed on any Windows 7\8.1\10/8 PC, including Primera's optional all-in-one touch-screen PC. With PTLab, you'll be up and running and printing full-colour cassettes in just minutes.

Printing only the cassettes you need, when and where you need them, helps avoid potentially serious patient safety errors.
Signature Cassette Printer stand-alone system with Printer, medical grade keyboard, 2D Text/Barcode Scanner, mouse and Shuttle all-in-one touch-screen PC Several Configurations Available Printers are available for 3rd party integration as well as in complete, stand-alone systems which include printer, PTLab™ SE software, scanner, keyboard, mouse and mini-PC.
Robotic Feed Version Also Available Learn More Signature Cassette Autoloader with installed Signature Cassette Printer
Innovation at a New, More Affordable Price Even with its high-resolution, full-colour printing capabilities, Signature costs less than all other monochrome-only cassette printers currently available. You'll reduce the chance of errors, have a more efficient workflow and save time and money by inventorying only white cassettes.

Printing technology: Thermal transfer
Print speed: Up to 9 cassettes/minute (monochrome)
Up to 6 cassettes/minute (solid colours)
Up to 5 cassettes/minute (process colours)
Print resolution: 300 dpi
Ink type: Resin thermal transfer
Ribbon types: CMYK: 550 prints
Black: 4300 prints
Printable colours: 8 solid colours; plus pattern options
Cassette Types: Prints on standard smooth-faced cassettes with 35° to 45°angles with either lid on or lid off, no adjustments needed
Output tray capacity: 1 cassette
Construction: Steel frame with powder-coated steel covers
Cabinet colour: Medical white
Data interface: USB 2.0 compatible
Printer drivers: Windows™ Vista/7/8
Height: 244 mm (9.6")
Width: 222 mm (8.75")
Depth: 244 mm (9.6")
Weight: 7.5 kg (20 lbs.)
Power requirements: 110-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, 60 watts
Warranty: One year parts and labor, gain a second year if product gets registered within 6 months after purchase; extended and hot-swap warranties optional

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