World's First Colour Slide Printer Reduces Lab Errors and Increases Efficiency

Primera Signature Slide Printer Cuts Risk of Specimen Misidentification, Streamlines Lab Processing

PLYMOUTH, MN, USA (August 15, 2012) — Specimen misidentification is a major risk in lab operations. Handwritten slide labels and difficult-to-apply xylene-resistant labels can contribute to process errors. Primera can help reduce the risk of misidentified specimens and eliminate the need to handwrite or apply labels with an affordable colour slide printer that prints directly on the slide. A first in the industry, the full-colour Signature Slide Printer was recently demonstrated at the Clinical Lab Expo in Los Angeles, where it received an enthusiastic reception from lab professionals from all over the world.

With 300 dpi print resolution, the Signature Slide Printer enables labs to brand slides with their logo and print crisp text and graphics as well as high-resolution linear and 2D barcodes to make tracking more efficient. Key features and benefits include:

  • Full-colour, on-demand printing that lets lab technicians print only the slides they need to reduce the incidence of errors.
  • Elimination of messy, hard-to-read handwritten slides or hard-to-apply xylene-resistant labels that can fall off and cause confusion.
  • Cost savings due to reduced inventory and purchasing requirements since colours can be printed on plain white slides.
  • Compact design that enables desktop placement next to lab technicians and other lab equipment.
  • Included PTLab™ Standard Edition (SE) software, designed specifically for use in labs for slide printing, gets labs up and running in just minutes with a complete, stand-alone slide labeling system.
  • Optional PTLab Professional Edition (PE) and XE (Extended Edition) for interfacing to a wide variety of LIS (Laboratory Information System) software.
  • Xylene-, alcohol-, reagent-, stain-, heat- and chemical-resistant ink that facilitates clear labeling.

“Signature Slide Printer is the world’s first and only colour slide printer,” said Mark D. Strobel, Primera’s vice president of sales and marketing. “It costs less than all monochrome-only slide printers on the market, which means labs can get a better product and then continue saving money since they won’t have to stock slides in multiple colours – all while helping to eliminate specimen identification errors.”

Signature Slide Printer is easy to set up and operate, storing slides in cartridges to reduce the possibility of contamination and enabling quick cartridge changes to accommodate the need for various slide types. PTLab SE, PE and XE software is compatible with Windows XP, Vista or 7 and soon, Windows 8 operating systems. Printers are also available for 3rd-party integration, as are standalone systems that come with a printer, software, scanner, keyboard, mouse and mini-PC.

Primera’s Signature Slide Printer offers a new and better way for pathology, cytology and histology labs as well as medical, education and research organizations to process and manage slides. Find out more about Primera Technology’s affordable and efficient laboratory identification products at Watch a product video at

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