Medical grade 2D Barcode scanner for PTLab
Medical Grade 2D Barcode scanner for PTLab The key mission of scanners in the healthcare industry is to improve the quality of patient care while reducing medication errors. Additionally, healthcare environments have requirements that scanners need to be regularly cleaned and disinfected. The Primera Medical Grade 2D Bar Code Scanner is specifically developed for healthcare applications with Disinfectant-Ready enclosures treated with anti-microbial additives and is designed to withstand daily cleaning with harsh disinfectant solutions.
Medical grade 2D bar code scanner including stand, compatible with Primera’s PTLab™ Software.
USB connection.
Medical grade waterproof silicon sealed mini keyboard with integrated touchpad
Industrial Medical Grade silicon sealed mini Keyboard The white Medical Clinical Keyboard with US-Layout is a compact silicone keyboard with a built in touchpad. It's fully waterproof to IP68 standards, it can be submerged in liquid and cleaned with soapy water, disinfectants or other cleaning agents.
Stand-alone / Network Connected System Complete Kit White All-in-One 15,4" Touchscreen PC with 8 GB RAM, 120 GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro, medical grade IP68 keyboard with trackpad (US-Layout), 2D Datalogic medical grade Scanner and stand - Fully installed with PTLab SE and PTtemplate Designer and all necessary drivers.